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This Month's Features at Degrees

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Joseph Joseph SpiceStore Carousel

Joseph Joseph SpiceStore CarouselNew  The colourful, convenient SpiceStore Carousel from Joseph Joseph helps you keep your whole and ground spices in one place. The lids allow for stacking and create an airtight seal to keep spices fresh. Borosilicate glass jars are strong and will not absorb flavours. Available in white.

ThermoWorks Dot Thermometer

ThermoWorks Dot ThermometerNew  The Dot thermometer is your companion for roasting, grilling, candy making—anything that requires you to test doneness. Two buttons let you set your target temperature, and an alarm lets you know when it has been reached. The included probe withstands heat from grilling, and the large display is readily visible. Use it for holiday roasting, spring candies, and summer barbeques!

Introducing: Bonavita

Introducing: BonavitaThe Specialty Coffee Association of America has recognized Bonavita’s products as part of their Certified Home Brewer Program. We just love pouring the perfect cup with one of Bonavita’s coffee makers or kettles. They are designed to help water reach optimum temperature and help evenly saturate coffee grounds, whether brewing automatic drip or manual pour over. They extract the most balanced flavour from coffee, leading to a satisfying cup.

Girls Can Tell Tea Towels

Girls Can Tell Tea TowelsNew  100% cotton, 100% USA made, Girls Can Tell tea towels have a fun, annotated illustrative style that is all about the kitchen and food—and we are the only retailer in Canada. There are several designs available in store (including a custom design from us!), all made from floursack cotton and screenprinted in Philadelphia.

OodleTip Decorating Bags

OodleTip Decorating BagsNew  Occasional cake and pastry decorators will want to take a look at OodleTip, the disposable decorating bag with a tip that you adapt to your needs with scissors. A quick snip provides a ⅛ to ⅕” round tip, ¼ to 1” french star tip, or 1” food filling tip. Each box contains 10 bags and tips. No need to wash: just dispose and grab a new bag when you need one.

Staub Enameled Cast-iron Cookware

Staub Enameled Cast-iron CookwarePerfect for stews, roasts, soups, and casseroles, Staub enameled cast iron are very special pieces for the home cook. While they are beautiful to look at, they are also very functional, with features like self-basting spikes in the lid to ensure even distribution of moisture, and oven-proof stainless steel or brass knobs. Now available in rustic cinnamon, sure to become a classic. All Staub products are made in France.

Victorinox Colours

Victorinox ColoursThe handles on these Victorinox knives may be bright pink, yellow, green, and orange, but these are the same, serious 6.5” santoku and 8” bread knives that we (and many pro chefs) love. The stamped steel blades are precise and sharp, and the textured handles offer a firm grip even with wet hands. Add some colour to your kitchen with these well priced Victorinox knives.

Poly Science The Smoking Gun

Poly Science The Smoking GunNew  A typical smoker is big, heavy, and hot, but The Smoking Gun handheld smoker is very different—and leads to smoking more than just meats. Infuse bourbon for complex cocktails; add smoke to whipped butter to create subtle flavourings to foods at the table; thanks to the cool smoke, you can even create smoked spinach salads that go beyond any dressing. The unit runs on batteries and includes samples of hickory and apple wood chips to get you started.

Chef's Choice Professional Meat Grinder

Chef's Choice Professional Meat GrinderNew  Charcuterie is experiencing a revival like no other food trend right now, but the pleasure of making your own sausages is timeless. The Chef's Choice Professional Meat Grinder is a commercial quality, 350 watt electric grinder that gets through the toughest meats, and includes accessories to make fresh or cured sausages, hamburgers, corned beef hash, and more. Use it for vegetables to prepare pureed soups with deep, rich flavour. It’s made to last, for many years of use.

Swiss Diamond Induction Cookware

Swiss Diamond Induction CookwareNew  For induction cooktops, the right cookware can make all the difference. Swiss Diamond Induction Cookware is specifically designed for induction: while it has an aluminum core, it also has a magnetic steel layer which will never begin to separate or “buzz”. A diamond coating strengthens the non-stick coating, and also happens to be a good conductor of heat. A selection of fry pans and saucepans are in stock; call the store for availability.


AeropressSmooth, rich espresso can be made at home without an expensive machine. The Aeropress uses air pressure to extract the full flavour out of coffee in a compact design that only requires ground coffee and hot water. Espresso lacks crema, but is delicious in every other way: it extracts nuances from beans that other manual methods (like a pourover) don’t. Add water for an Americano, or steamed milk for a latte.

Fermenting Pots

Fermenting PotsNew  Bacteria can be magic in the kitchen—when used correctly. Korean kimchi, German sauerkraut, pickles, and yogurt all use good bacteria to develop rich flavours, and a fermenting pot is essential for consistent results. Ceramic helps minimize temperature fluctuations, and a weighted lid adds pressure during the fermentation process. The design allows bubbles to escape, but air can’t get in. The size is just right to get started; pick up more as your newfound hobby grows.