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This Month's Features at Degrees

Espro Press and Travel Press

Espro Press and Travel PressNew The French Press method of brewing coffee has always left a grit at the bottom of the cup. The Canadian made Espro press uses two microfilters to remove all of the sediment, leaving behind a perfect, nuanced cup of coffee. The double wall insulated carafe holds heat for hours and won’t break. And Espro’s new Travel Press takes your perfect brew on the road in a leakproof, durable carafe that will leave you wondering why all French presses can’t be this easy.

Harvest Fermenting Pots

Harvest Fermenting PotsBacteria can be magic in the kitchen—when used correctly. Korean kimchi, German sauerkraut, pickles, and yogurt all use good bacteria to develop rich flavours, and a fermenting pot is essential for consistent results. Natural stoneware is lead free, and a 2 piece stone weight helps keep food submerged. Available in 5L, 10L, and 15L sizes..

Thermoworks Thermapen MK4

ThermapenNew Fast, waterproof, and accurate, the Thermapen has always been one of our favourite instant read thermometers. Now in its fourth iteration, it’s smarter than ever. The display automatically rotates for optimal viewing—no more turning your head. An intelligent backlight comes on when the room is dark. And setting it down automatically puts it into sleep more, so there’s no power button. This is simply the best version of the Thermapen yet!


AeropressSmooth, rich espresso can be made at home without an expensive machine. The Aeropress uses air pressure to extract the full flavour out of coffee in a compact design that only requires ground coffee and hot water. It extracts nuances from beans that other manual methods don’t. Add hot water for an Americano, or steamed milk for a latte.

Brød & Taylor Proofer

ProoferNew Baking bread and making yoghurt have something in common: the need for gentle, consistent heat to help proof or ferment the food. The Brød and Taylor folding proofer is the perfect solution for maintaining 70°F to 120°F heat, and works well for making butter, kombucha, cheese, or melting chocolate. Add water to the tray to increase humidity, and fold it up neatly for storage.

Lamson Offset Bread Knife

Lamson Offset Bread KnifeWith a perfectly serrated blade and raised handle, the Lamson 9.5" Offset Serrated Bread Knife cuts through crusty bread without crushing or tearing. The resin-infused wood handle prevents your hand from hitting the bread, while the slight upward curve of the blade really cuts through thick crusts. Made in the U.S.A.

Zojirushi Virtuoso Breadmaker

Zojirushi Virtuoso BreadmakerZojirushi has long been the recommended brand for rice cookers, but their other kitchen electrics are gaining a reputation for smart design, well-thought-out functionality, and solid build quality. The new Virtuoso Breadmaker is no exception. It bakes a traditional 2lb loaf and allows for full customization of knead, rise, and bake times through an easy-to-use control panel, plus adds a new gluten-free bread setting. Dual kneading blades thoroughly work the dough quickly, and the machine is flexible enough to make cake, jam, meatloaf as well as gluten-free breads. Available in black/stainless steel only.

PolyScience Professional Creative Series Sous Vide

Sous VideSous vide cooking has been popular in high end restaurants, and now the PolyScience Professional Creative Series Sous Vide brings perfectly cooked, moist, flavourful food to the home kitchen. Food is immersed in vacuum sealed bags into temperature controlled, circulating water, slowly cooking meats, vegetables, or eggs, and preventing them from drying out or overcooking. The PolyScience Sous Vide attaches to any vessel up to 20qt. and is accurate to 0.1°F. Unlike other units, it is compact enough to be stored in a drawer, making it easy to use for weekend dinner parties that will leave your guests truly impressed by your cooking technique.

PolyScience The Smoking Gun

PolyScience The Smoking GunNew A typical smoker is big, heavy, and hot, but The Smoking Gun handheld smoker is very different—and leads to smoking more than just meats. Infuse bourbon for complex cocktails; add smoke to whipped butter to create subtle flavourings to foods at the table; thanks to the cool smoke, you can even create smoked spinach salads that go beyond any dressing. The unit runs on batteries and includes samples of hickory and apple wood chips to get you started. We also carry the PolyScience Classic Smokehouse Wood Kit, which includes 4oz. jars of Mesquite, Hickory, Applewood, and Cherrywood chips.

Chef’sChoice International KeepHot Electric Kettle

Chef’sChoice International KeepHot Electric KettleNew No more re-boiling: the Chef’s Choice KeepHot kettle is double-wall insulated—just like your favourite travel mug—and keeps water hot for up to 4 hours. It’s quiet, quick to boil, and cordless so you can bring it to the table and have hot water ready for tea, pour over coffee, and hot cereal for the family.

Eva Solo Black Knife Stand

Eva Solo Black Knife StandAt the cutting edge of design, the Eva Solo angled knife block uses a fold-up insert of flexible plastic to keep knives in place and at hand. The plastic inserts are removable for easy cleaning. The sleek, black, aluminum exterior is also easy to clean, and the design is both thoroughly modern and functional.

Unicorn Magnum & Magnum Plus Peppermill

Unicorn Magnum & Magnum Plus PeppermillA good peppermill is a necessity in any kitchen. So when both Cook’s Illustrated and Fine Cooking rated the Unicorn Magnum Plus peppermill as the “best”, we knew we had to try it out. This peppermill works quickly and easily, producing a consistent, adjustable grind. The Magnum Plus’ 9 inch height allows for over a cup of peppercorns to be easily loaded through the side opening; the smaller Magnum about half. The nickel-plated heads are designed to last a lifetime and won’t rust. Available in black.

R & M Bean Pot

R & M Bean PotWith a traditional shape and colour that hasn’t changed in decades, the 4.5 quart R & M Bean Pot is the most authentic way of making old-fashioned, baked beans at home. Slow cooking baked beans in the oven is an eastern Canadian tradition (maple syrup, anyone?), and it’s easy to do with the wide opening and carry handles on this bean pot.

Ekelund Linens

Ekelund LinensWith a tradition dating back to 1692, Ekelund Master Weavers, of Sweden, manufacture some of the finest kitchen linens and textiles available. These table runners, dish towels, and dish cloths are created with care using naturally-sourced materials in the Ekelund family tradition. Ekelund linens have a look and feel meant to be enjoyed.

GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter

Spiral CutterBeautiful vegetable spirals not only look stunning, but provide lots of new culinary ideas, too. Create seemingly endless spirals by placing vegetables inside the GEFU Spiralfix, closing the lid, selecting one of four widths, and gently pressing while turning the crank. The spirals fall into the container, or can be cut directly over a pan. Beets, potatoes, and other root vegetables are perfect for the Spiralfix, and try zucchini and carrots cut and stir fried for a healthy, flavourful side.

Savino Wine Preserver

Savino Wine PreserverNew Once a bottle of wine is open, it immediately starts to oxidize: the nuances in the bottle disappear in a day; a week later it’s usually undrinkable. The Savino aims to preserve wine by decanting from the original bottle into a carafe with a floating stopper that seals out oxygen from the wine. The stopper also allows you to pour yourself a glass while preserving the leftover wine. The result is perfectly drinkable wine a week later, perfect for those of us wanting to save a glass for later. Made in the U.S.A.

Chef’sChoice Diamond Hone AngleSelect Sharpener Model 1520

Chef’sChoice Diamond Hone AngleSelect Sharpener Model 1520Sharpening knives require patience and skill, but the Chef’s Choice Model 1520 sharpener has the ability to make knife sharpening at home easy—and for almost all of your knives. The diamond abrasives sharpen and hone European and Asian steel knives, including serrated blades. This is the ultimate gift to keep blades performing their best.

360 Tri Ply Stainless Bakeware

360 Tri Ply Stainless BakewareWith the same lustrous finish and performance of stainless steel cookware, 360 Bakeware can make your baking shine. An aluminum core promotes even heat with no hot spots, and the layers of stainless steel temper the heat slightly—no more burnt bottoms. It’s made in the U.S.A. and presents beautifully.

Zojirushi Fresh Brew Plus Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Zojirushi Fresh Brew Plus Thermal Carafe Coffee MakerNew By midday, a pot of coffee that was brewed in the morning is either cold or burnt, but not with this Zojirushi 10 cup coffee maker. It brews coffee at an optimal 200°F, and the thermal carafe keeps it warm all day: after a full 24 hours, it’s still a drinkable 120°F. The compact machine features a removable water tank that makes filling it easy. Even the basket assembly completely removes for easy cleaning. For all day coffee drinkers, this machine is a delight.