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This Month's Features at Degrees

Kikuichi 6” Utility Knife

Kikuichi 6” Utility Knife

Sale  There is an astounding level of craftsmanship that goes into Kikuichi knives, and it is evident from the moment you pick one up. Kikuichi knives are made in Japan using a forging technique passed down for generations called wakashizuke. From the forging of two kinds of hard and soft metal, assembling, and finishing, everything is done by hand with the utmost care. The 6” utility knife is shaped and weighted in a traditional “western” style, made from molybdenum carbon steel, and is the ideal shape and size for many kitchen tasks. Most surprising is the price: for a limited time, it is just $91.95—an amazing value for this level of quality.

All-Clad Asparagus Pot

All-Clad Asparagus PotSale  Perfectly shaped for steaming long stalks of asparagus, the All-Clad Asparagus Pot is the perfect compliment to their cookware. An aluminum disc bottom promotes quick boiling, and the stainless steel basket lifts the asparagus out of the water. The satin finish exterior and polished stainless steel interior look good and are easy to keep clean. Just in time for Ontario’s spring asparagus harvest, it is on sale for $59.95 for a limited time.

All-Clad 6” Stainless Gratin

All-Clad 6” Stainless GratinSale  Ideal for beautiful, individual presentations of gratins, baked pastas, or dessert (try apple crisp in these), the All-Clad 6” Stainless Gratin pans are ideal for taking from the stove or oven to the table. The tri-ply construction helps gratins develop a wonderful crust in the oven, without burnt spots. On sale for a limited time for $34.95 each.

Emile Henry on Sale

Emile Henry on SaleSale  For a limited time, selected in-stock pieces of Emile Henry Flame and Natural Chic are on sale for 20% off. Visit the store and discover the sizes, shapes, and colours to complete your set.

Nachtmann Bossa Nova Platters

Nachtmann Bossa Nova PlattersNew  With a unique basketweave design, Nachtmann Bossa Nova Platters are a visual treat for the dining room table—just don’t blame us when your guests reach out to touch them! There is a wide selection in store; visit us to see them all. Made in Germany.

Le Cordon Bleu Ovenware

Le Cordon Bleu OvenwareNew  Widely recognized as the most prestigious culinary school in the world, Le Cordon Bleu Paris introduce a line of premium French ovenware worthy of their name. Made of a proprietary ceramic, these pieces can go from the freezer to oven, are scratch resistant, dishwasher safe, and will brighten up your kitchen table. The elegant Tendance line is available in 4 sizes and several colours. Made in France.

360 Tri Ply Stainless Bake & Roast Pan

360 Tri Ply Stainless Bake & Roast PanWith the same lustrous finish and performance of stainless steel cookware, 360 Bakeware can make your baking shine. An aluminum core promotes even heat with no hot spots, and the layers of stainless steel temper the heat slightly—no more burnt bottoms. The 9” by 13” Bake & Roast Pan is made in the U.S.A. and presents beautifully. Use it for casseroles, roasts, and brownies.

Thermalloy Stock Pots

Thermalloy Stock PotsTop quality, large stock pots—ones that look good as well—are hard to find. The new Thermalloy Stock Pots are available in 12, 16, and 20 qt. sizes, and are perfect for canning, cooking for large families, or brining large poultry. Satin-finish 18/10 stainless steel walls and a 6-millimetre thick aluminum sandwich base ensure even cooking. Lids sold separately.

Rubbermaid Commercial Containers

Rubbermaid Commercial ContainersNew  For durable, safe food storage, Rubbermaid Commercial containers are hard to beat. Made of BPA-free polycarbonate, these containers will take abuse: they are crack resistant and dishwasher safe, with bright markings for measurement, and tight fitting lids. Available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 quart sizes.

Nordic Ware Angel Food Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Angel Food Cake PanBaking delicate angel food cake benefits from a good pan, and the Nordic Ware Angel Food Cake Pan is among the best we have used. The commercial grade aluminum gives the cake a good surface to grip to as it rises, and the smooth surfaces make it easy to release after baking. The “feet” keep the cake away from the counter when flipping over to cool. The result is a light, tall, and airy cake that everyone will enjoy.

Hario Kettle

Hario KettleThe art of the pour over method of brewing coffee has been perfected by Hario, a Japanese company who also produce ceramic funnels and filters for their pour over system. Hario kettles are designed with a long, thin pour spout that promotes a slow, even pour of water over the coffee grounds, thoroughly saturating them. A traditional, stainless steel stove top kettle holds 0.8L of water and can be used on all ranges except smoothtop. A cordless kettle has all the modern conveniences of an electric kettle, with the traditional Hario design.

Zip Zester

Zip ZesterWe love using zest from lemons, limes, and oranges in the kitchen to add a hint of bright flavour. The Zip Zester was designed for chefs, bakers, and mixologists to be more creative in the kitchen. The Zip Zester comes with two blade attachments. A garnish blade that creates a thick ribbon (long enough to tie in a bow) and a fine grater attachment to effortlessly zest citrus for baking. It gently slices the zest, but leaves the bitter pith behind, capturing the delicate, flavourful oils.

La Rochère Bee Glass

La Rochère Bee GlassA Degrees Kitchen Store favourite for years, the Bee glass line from La Rochère is now back in stock. This collection of glasses, plates, and bowls helps set a classic French table for brunch. The durable pressed glass will stand up to years of use. Made in France.