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Fermenting Pots

Fermenting PotsNew  Bacteria can be magic in the kitchen—when used correctly. Korean kimchi, German sauerkraut, pickles, and yogurt all use good bacteria to develop rich flavours, and a fermenting pot is essential for consistent results. Ceramic helps minimize temperature fluctuations, and a weighted lid adds pressure during the fermentation process. The design allows bubbles to escape, but air can’t get in. The size is just right to get started; pick up more as your newfound hobby grows.

Book: Real Food Fermentation

Book: Real Food FermentationNew  Fermentation expert Alex Lewin guides readers through preserving and bacteria in Real Food Fermentation. Starting with the basics and explaining the benefits of fermenting, it includes recipes to make sauerkraut and other vegetables, dairy, fruit, meat, and beverages. It’s a great way to start producing the salty-sweet-sour food that so many enjoy.

Evo Oil Trigger Spray Bottle

Evo Oil Trigger Spray BottleNew  Called the first trigger oil spray bottle, the Evo Oil creates an even, light spray of your favourite cooking oil, with no aerosols and no pumping. The 18 oz. capacity holds plenty of oil, and the trigger spray makes it easy to spray food or cooking surfaces with a light coating of oil. Add flavour to your meals and use it in places too much oil would overpower the food.


ThermoPopNew  As far as instant read thermometers go, the new ThermoPop is one of the cutest we have seen. But it is also smartly designed, with a big, backlit, rotating display, splash-proof design, and results in less than 6 seconds. The included case clips onto pockets, putting the ThermoPop within easy reach in a busy kitchen. Available in red, yellow, green, blue, and orange.

Pavonidea Silicone Bowl Covers

Pavonidea Silicone Bowl CoversNew  Silicone is such a versatile material, that it can be used just about anywhere in the kitchen. Case in point: the new Pavonidea silicone bowl covers are so much easier than struggling with plastic wrap, and create an airtight seal on glass, ceramic, and steel bowls. Plus they are microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and 350°F oven safe. See the sizes in store.

Cuisipro 4-piece BBQ Set

Cuisipro 4-piece BBQ SetSale  With integrated hooks in the handles, the Cuisipro 4-piece Barbecue Set is made to hold up to several seasons of use, even if they are left outside occasionally. Tools include a basting brush, fork, tongs, and turner. These tools are well priced, ruggedly made, and ready to work on your grill.

Joseph Joseph Nest Storage Containers

Joseph Joseph Nest Storage ContainersNew  For food storage, the colourful Nest Storage Containers from Joseph Joseph are as convenient as they are attractive. The polypropylene base and silicone lids are freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe (although we don’t suggest microwaving any plastic), and they all nest into each other when not in use. Ranging in size from 230mL to 4.5L, they are available in 4 and 6 container sets.

Q Squared Provence Cutlery Set and Caddy

Q Squared Provence Cutlery Set and CaddyNew  Charming and elegant, Q Squared Provence cutlery takes traditional design and adds a healthy dose of colour to the table. The matching caddy is delightful, and would add charm to a cottage or French country kitchen. Sold as a set, it includes a 4 x 5-piece place setting in blue or red.

SteakChamp Steak Thermometer

SteakChamp Steak ThermometerNew  The SteakChamp is one of the easiest ways to check the readiness of a steak on the grill—no more dim displays or fiddly wires. The single, stainless steel sensor goes into the side of the steak and stays there. A bright, flashing LED lets you know when the steak is done. It comes tuned in medium and medium-rare models. Made in Germany.

Wallies Chalkboard & Dry Erase Labels

Wallies Chalkboard & Dry Erase LabelsNew  These vinyl labels from Wallies have dozens of uses in the kitchen and around the home. Label jars, herb pots, and shelves, then wipe them off, or even remove and reposition them. They will not leave behind a sticky residue on most surfaces, but add a lot of character and rustic charm.

Govino Beer Glasses

Govino Beer GlassesThese beer “glasses” are not glasses at all—but they sure look like it. Made of polymer, they are shatterproof, reusable, and recyclable. They are ideal at the dock, the cottage, or poolside, and can hold a full pint. Sold in a set of 4.

Henckels Zwilling Pro 8” Chef’s Knife

Henckels Zwilling Pro 8” Chef’s KnifeSale  An evolution of a true classic, the Henckels Zwilling Pro line of knives leverages decades of experience to create a new classic. The knife feels weighty but well-balanced, using a traditional 3 rivet design but with a curved bolster that is more comfortable in the hand. For a limited time, the 8” chef’s knife is available for $99.95, over $60 off the regular price. Made in Germany.

Joseph Joseph Prep & Serve

Joseph Joseph Prep & ServeNew  Space is a premium in smaller homes and apartments, and Joseph Joseph comes to the rescue with a prep bowl, colander, and serving bowl all in one. Salads can be rinsed, mixed, and served in one bowl. The curved shape makes it easy to rinse rice or beans, then tip into the pot for cooking. Available in green in two sizes.

WMF Ranch Steak Knives

WMF Ranch Steak KnivesNew  A modern departure from chunky steak knives, the WMF Ranch steak knives are made of matte-finished 18/10 stainless steel, have genuine oak wood handles, and a minimalist design. WMF quality will last a lifetime. Sold in a set of 4.

Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit

Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting KitNew  What Spiegelau has done for wine, they now do for beer. The Craft Beer Tasting Kit comes gift boxed with 4 different glasses: a 19oz. IPA, 17oz. lager, 17oz. wheat beer, and 12oz. tall pilsner. It is a perfect way to enjoy some of the finest locally brewed craft beer.

Demeyere Atlantis Cookware

Demeyere Atlantis CookwareSale  Reaching new levels of performance, Demeyere cookware represents luxury and beauty for even the most experienced chefs. The 7-ply construction works efficiently on induction cook tops, with a 1/3 faster heat-up time, and is excellent on other cook-tops as well. Demeyere Atlantis is now 20% off regular price, providing a rare opportunity to own this high-end cookware for less. Made in Belgium.